I am a stay-at-home mom – totally outnumbered at home! Three boys (ages 2, 3.5 and almost 6), a husband and our dog, Mac. Life wasn’t always this calm and peaceful… I spent 10 years as a commercial insurance underwriter and underwriting manager prior to having my second adorable son. My third arrived 18 months later.

My Family!

During my first maternity leave and countless hours nursing in front of the TV, I developed a love of cooking (out of necessity) but baking really intrigued me. I LOVE chocolate! The smell of the ingredients, combining them together and making sure everything is just right, its cathartic, almost medicinal. Thank you The Chew! (On occasion even Rachel Ray had a recipe worth trying.) Looking for an easy weeknight meal that can be prepared with several kids running around and clinging to your leg (aren’t we all?) that is mostly nutritious and your kids may even ask for seconds? Look no further than the Food & Drink page.  And also for that perfect glass of wine while you are preparing dinner with a kid on each leg – that’s here too!

It started with our first son’s Christening. The centerpieces had to be just right. The favors – something you actually want to take home to use or enjoy. A menu for all the picky eaters (my entire family) and those with a more refined palate. And of course a cake that looks great but is also so delicious you need seconds, not just want them (sorry fondant!). Three Christenings, three 1st birthdays, three 2nd birthdays, and two 3rds (a 4th and 5th as well) later, I can definitely say my passion is party planning, and I am so excited to share some of my ideas with you on the Parties page.

When I’m not busy in the kitchen or party planning, I LOVE shopping. And I’m always looking for the best deal I can get when there is something I have to buy (feeding and clothing all the boys in this house gets expensive!). I’ll be sharing some of my favorite fashion finds as well as any deals you can’t pass up on the Beauty & Fashion page. My latest obsession is beauty products, so as I come across something I think you will love I’ll add that here too!

If you ever have a question or anything you would like me to share, you can reach out to me at candi@candigrams.net. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂