If you can’t already tell from this website, I love party planning and everything that goes along with it (for me that’s crafting and baking). And whether it’s a party for one of my boys, or any other party I get to attend, I want to look good celebrating!  Finding something fun and stylish to wear is always important to me – whether it’s going to the gym, running errands, play dates, evenings and weekends on the soccer field, school meetings….

Even better than an amazing dress or the perfect pair of shoes is finding it at a great price! I can count on one hand the number of items in my closet I’ve paid full price for. With three boys growing like crazy to feed, dress and entertain, fund are limited! I have found many stores that price match, brands that are such great quality their clothes last for years, and stores you should only make a purchase at during a sale (because there is almost always a sale – GAP, Banana Republic,and J. Crew all come to mind).

Looking my best is also more than just the clothes I’m wearing. I want to maintain great skin, health and fitness. I am a beauty product junkie!! Every month I read through my magazines (PeopleStyle, InStyle, Women’s Health, Health, and Self) looking for the top beauty products and trends and try as many as I can. I love a great deal, but when it comes to skin care I am also willing to splurge. As I try new products I will post my favorites here.

So far, this has been the most difficult section for me to create. I CANNOT seem to take an adequate selfie to show off my favorite Athleta leggings or J. Crew and Free People tops!! So for now I will post a few pics below of some of my favorite outfits and hopefully you will start to get a sense of my style. If you find something fabulous, I hope you will share it as well!

Let’s start with my favorite. The Anthropologie Callahan Amelia Crochet Dress. My mom bought this for me on sale before a family vacation and now I just need another event to wear this to! I actually tried it on as a joke because I thought it looked ridiculous on the hanger. What a surprise when I put it on!

Next is an Athleta favorite. This was in my closet all summer and I finally had a chance to wear it to a dinner in NYC in September. I’ve never worn a dress made of such soft and cozy material. Super flattering but also the most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn.

I am going to work on getting better pictures and will have more to share very soon 🙂