As a busy mom of three, I’m always looking for something quick and tasty that the kids will eat and not feed to the dog. And that I will eat…..I’m probably more picky than they are. Some days we get home from the soccer field at 6pm and I need to have something on the table by 6:20. Thank God for tacos! And with the right seasoning they can be pretty fabulous! After a long day, the right glass of wine would be perfect with those tacos too, right?

I’m learning as I go along and will share with you what’s working for me 🙂

Right now my obsession is America’s Test Kitchen. I’ve purchased several of their cookbooks and magazines and have been trying recipes every week for at least a year. So far we have not been disappointed! I’ve made one-pan dinners, several types of dinner rolls and bread, chocolate lava cakes (my personal favorite), soups, stews and more. I also subscribe to Cooking Light, and Food & Wine Magazine, so between these two we have been enjoying new, yummy and healthy-ish dinners (with leftovers for lunch).

I would love your thoughts on the recipes I post. If you’ve found something worth sharing, I would enjoy hearing that as well 🙂


Here are a few pictures I’ve taken on my cell phone!