Mickey Mouse

Choosing a theme for my little guy’s 2nd Birthday was easy. We did our first family trip to Disney World earlier in the year so Mickey Mouse’s “Oh TWOdles” was perfect. It was a small party with immediate family and a few close friends.

Once again, I have only a handful of pictures. Everything was going smoothly until it was time to take pictures of all the details (hot dog bar, food and beverage signs, etc.). We had a major pasta spill all over the kitchen, guests started arriving, and there went my pictures….

Let’s start with my absolute favorite project from this event. Bradley LOVES lollipops. Like he would eat at least 10 a day, probably more if I let him. What could be more perfect for him than a Mickey Mouse head made from hundreds of lollipops?!?

The beginning of Lollipop Mickey

A huge thank you to my kids for accidentally snapping a few photos of this project in progress! I used one large foam ball for the head and then attached two smaller foam balls for the ears (using the wooden sticks you would use to make kebabs). Then I spent an hour inserting hundreds of dum dums into the foam balls. Some of the lollipop sticks had to be cut shorter, especially for the ears.

Almost finished!

This was really heavy from so many lollipops so my husband made a stand that we attached it to using more of the wooden sticks, to prevent it from falling over. I’d say it was a success!

Lollipop Mickey Mouse

We kept the appetizers simple – a veggie platter, cheese tray, and Mickey Mouse trail mix. For the trail mix I combined pretzels, red and yellow peanut M&Ms, mini marshmallows and raisins.


Lunch was a “Hot Diggity Dog Bar” where everyone created their own hot dogs using a huge selection of toppings (ketchup, mustard, relish, BBQ sauce, chili, salsa, shredded cheese, melted cheese, jalapeños, relish, pickles, sour cream, bacon bits and more). Cooking the hot dogs for an hour in the slow cooker was a great way to cook a lot at one time then keep them warm and fresh. We also made “Minnie’s Bow Tie Pasta” (pasta in a tomato and cheese sauce) and “We’ve got ‘Ears’, Say Cheers” (corn on the cob). Then we ordered (again, from our favorite, Cafe Continental) “Goofy’s Grilled Chicken”, “Daisy’s Garden Veggies”, “Clubhouse Salad” and “Mickey’s Favorite Fingers” (chicken fingers).

I’m sharing this next one because it was an awesome purchase that worked so well and we will definitely use again and again. The folding table adjusts and can be used at three different heights, as low as 19″ for the small kids. The chairs fit perfectly at the table and don’t take up much space when folded.

Kids table

There was an adult side of the table and a children’s side. The children’s had beverage dispensers filled with water and lemonade. The adult side had dispensers with lemon water and “Pluto’s Punch” (this went down like water, almost as if it were missing the 4+ cups of vodka!).

Drink Table

The sign behind the drink table, “Bradley’s Clubhouse”, was supposed to hang on the front. I realized guests would be coming around back and not through the house and moved it for better viewing 🙂 Here’s a close up (awesome messy basement background!).

The cake was really fun and so simple to make. Micky’s head was a large round cake (with yellow, black and red sprinkles mixed in). Two smaller round chocolate cakes for the ears and we had Mickey!

The white cake had a strawberry cream filling and the chocolate cakes were filled with vanilla pudding. I used my go-to whipped cream frosting and finished it off with an “Oh TWOdles” banner.

Mickey Cake

Finally, guests had fun taking pictures in the “Say Cheers” frame my husband and I made together.

Say Cheers