Sports Birthday Party

Another winter 1st birthday to plan, this time around for my middle guy. His party was Superbowl weekend that year so a sports themed party seemed appropriate. The venue we booked gave us their giant ballroom which left us with a LOT of space to fill and meant we had to get pretty creative.

First, how to fill all this space? I did not want the room to feel empty. We had kids ranging in age from newborn through sixteen to entertain and I wanted everyone to have a memorable time! One side of the ballroom was dedicated to fun and games. We bought one of those double hoop basketball arcade games from BJs which was the biggest hit for the kids and adults! (We really got our money’s worth since we used it at my youngest son’s 1st birthday party 18 months later) The game had a line at it for hours! We also had a field goal post set up with foam footballs to kick through it. In another corner of the room was a ping pong table, also very entertaining.

Basketball net and field goal stand

For the little kids we had blow up basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, hockey sticks, baseball bats, etc. There was a little slide with sports activities around it for the smallest of kids and a play area filled with plastic balls for them to jump in.

Little kid play area

The middle of the room was seating for all our guests. Each table was a specific sports theme (basketball, baseball, football, hockey, bowling, tennis, soccer) and decorated with coordinating balloons and confetti. In the middle of each table was also a picture frame decorated for that sport and had a picture of the guests that were seated at that table. I made chocolate “1” lollipops in coordinating colors as well. Even the table numbers were made specific to each table’s sport!

Guest tables
Basketball table

The opposite side of the ballroom was a “concession stand” for guests to enjoy. We filled the tables with bottles of water and Gatorade, potato chips and pretzels, bags of sunflower seeds, peanuts and Big League Chew, a large bowl of chocolate sport balls, cotton candy, lollipops and more. The guests left with bags overflowing of goodies!

Concession table front view
Concession table side view

In the front of the room we displayed the cake and scrapbook I made along with some photos of our birthday boy we had taken. The scrapbook is something I did for each of my boys’ 1st birthdays and includes their monthly pictures, holiday pictures. family pictures, miletstones, etc. I also love to make and hang a banner with a picture from each of their 1st twelve months.

Birthday cake and scrapbook display table

I made the cake the night before the party. It was a white cake with strawberry cream filling and whipped cream frosting. I used the half of the sports ball cake mold to make the basketball on top.

Birthday Cake!

Finally – the favors! The kids each received an age appropriate board game wrapped in a sports theme wrapping paper. For the littlest kids, a beach bucket with a baseball and bat and other sports activities. More importantly, the adults were given 2 bottles of Karlovacko beer with a football bottle opener.

Party Favors
Adult Favors