Photo Shoot with 3 Boys…

I don’t get to put on a dress very often, and the boys get dressed up even less. So on the rare occasion we are all put together at the same time, I try and get a couple pictures. The only thing I really want from them is to look at the camera together for just ONE single second…without crying, fighting, or a funny facial expression. Clearly too much to ask. It’s okay if they just got grass stains on their pant knees, their shirts came untucked, shoe laces untied, or hair messed up. Just all look at the camera (together) and smile!!


Really quick, try and get everyone in a spot, preferably far enough away from each other that they can’t start wrestling…

…almost – if only the oldest could lose the attitude, just a little bit.

Moving in on them now since they are quickly losing their focus.

The little guy just had to stick his tongue out – there was no way he was going to give me the shot I wanted!

One more try… Quickly move them to a fence they can climb, then they will all look at the camera.

LOL – we’ll try again in a few more months!

The boys are all dressed in J. Crew oxford and gingham shirts and slim fit chino pants from spring and summer 2017. I am wearing the BCBG Kelley Off-The-Shoulder Halter Gown which is currently on sale!