Haunted Halloween Wreath

Our countdown continues – 12 days until Halloween!

As I was going through all my Halloween boxes in the attic a couple weeks ago, I came across some black wreaths from a Michael’s grab bag last year. I also had a bunch of floral stems leftover as well as some miscellaneous Halloween items from the dollar store (skull, bones, etc.). With the kids in bed, glass of wine poured, and apparently nothing better to do, I decided to try and put together my first wreath, ever.

I cut the flowers off the long stems and arranged all the pieces around the wreath, then used a hot glue gun to secure each piece into place. I hung it on a door to see how it would look from that angle and filled in any empty spots with extra black leaves. The entire project took no more than 30 minutes – just about what I had the patience for at 10:30pm!