Cake Artist


Hi, I’m Candi – wife and mom of five. Although I’ve always enjoyed baking, I wasn’t so good at cake decorating.


I spent my first 10 years out of college working in the insurance industry. After having my second child I was fortunate to stay home and raise my expanding family. Soon after there was a third boy and several years later we welcomed twins…


I took on the role of our family baker for all birthdays, christenings and other special occasions. This was fun, the cakes were delicious, but usually lacked in appearance.  I started to dream about how to make my cakes look as good as they tasted.  My fundamental goal, my mantra, is that the cakes need to always taste great. No fondant, EVER!

Then COVID happened and I was home with all the kids, ALL day – trying to moderate the 3 older boys on Zoom while trying to entertain the year-old twins. My husband was working, it was crazy and I needed something for myself. I happened to see a YouTube video decorating floral cupcakes and wanted to give it a try. I ordered the supplies and the next time the twins went for a nap, I gave it a shot. Surprisingly, they came out really pretty and I posted them to Instagram. By the next day I had messages from friends asking if they could place an order. It took off from there!


The late nights often get difficult and sometimes I wonder what I am doing and why I am not asleep, but when I get a call or message about how something I created was able to make these challenging times a little bit sweeter it makes it all so worth it. Everybody loves to indulge sometimes, and I am passionate about being able to provide them with a visual and tasteful treat that they want for a special occasion or maybe just because.